Successful organizations in today’s business environment understand that supporting the emotional and mental wellness of employees makes good business sense. This is particularly important in the context of a large-scale organisational transformation or change programme. This process promotes successful change implementation, optimal work performance, retains talent and cultivates a harmonious work environment.

To support your employees and business to function at their best, CCG Learn offers talks, seminars, and workshops to build personal and group awareness of the impact of change on individuals and organisations.  The suggested focus for these talks is building emotional resilience and managing stress. The emphasis of these experiential processes are individual experimentation, group sharing, acknowledgement of inner process and feelings and the use of body mindfulness, which is a novel, scientifically validated approach to understanding how and where we hold stress in our bodies and a methodology for releasing this tension. Our facilitators have many practical, effective tools to share with the audience, in this case specifically tailored for a corporate environment.  After the workshop, we  offer individual coaching focusing on life skills and mental-emotional well-being.

This area of The Change Consulting Group is run by Noa Belling, who is a Principal Consultant in the CCG Learn Practice Area.  Noa has written a number of best-selling books over the past decade and recently secured a global publishing contract with an Australian publisher for her new book, The Mindful Body.  The book is due for launch in February 2018 and is the culmination of over a decade of her work in the fast-growing areas of mindfulness and corporate wellness. Supported by the most current research in psychology and neuroscience, The Mindful Body book provides many opportunities to practice body mindfulness and experience your physical being as an empowering and intelligent resource.

Noa Belling completed a Masters degree in Somatic (or body-mind) psychology at Naropa University in the United States in 2003, which is the birthplace of the modern mindfulness movement. She started her career as a professional ballet dancer and has since spent over a decade teaching applied somatic psychology skills and running a private psychotherapy practice. She is also the best-selling author of The Yoga Handbook (Struik, 2001), Yoga: A Union of Mind and Body (Struik, 2002); and Yoga for Ideal Weight and Shape (New Holland Publishing and Juta Publishers, 2007/2009). Her books have sold hundreds of thousands of copies worldwide and are translated into many languages.

The workshops and coaching sessions that Noa and her expert team deliver for our clients offer a practical and personal way to use your body as a direct path to self-awareness, personal growth and mindful living. By waking up to how you hold life experience in your body you can discover your power and choice to:

  • Manage stress and anxiety in creative, constructive ways
  • Build emotional resilience
  • Improve physical, mental and emotional health
  • Promote vitality

We are happy to tailor a program to suit the specific needs of your employees or you can choose from the following popular topics:

  • Anxiety reduction
  • Stress management
  • Emotional resilience
  • Conflict resolution
  • Personality differences at work
  • Interpersonal communication skills
  • Mindfulness skills for improved concentration and mind-body wellbeing
  • Motivation and follow through – helpful personal strategies

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