Programme initiated May 2011 and completed May 2012

Strategy Development and Change Implementation of a Digital Strategy for Investment Cluster using System7™ for project brief development and management of internal relationships, towards developing a coherent and acceptable programme strategy for implementation across complex group structure.

Project Brief

Client required us to apply System7™ in the identification and activation of a Programme Board and the provision of appropriate programme governance structure, development of a Programme Brief, and appropriate Stakeholder Analysis and Engagement to ensure that project implementation risks were sufficiently identified and mitigated. Programme Brief to be developed into a coherent strategy document on New Media that could be circulated within the organisation and agreement reached on a way forward in this respect.

Strategic Approach

Application of System7™ to establish Programme Board, to successfully engage with organisational stakeholders and to build a strategic document that was presented at Exco and then divisional workshops to engage, take input and feedback, and build support for a new approach to the use of ICT within the business.

Business Impact

Successful engagement with the business and acceptance at Exco level as a key strategy initiative for the future. In 2013 the decision was taken by Exco to place this initiative on the agenda for implementation in 2014.