Programme initiated December 2008 and completed December 2009

Designed and facilitated a change implementation programme to enable the identification and consolidation of ICT assets and administration support processes across the client organisation, which were to be consolidated under a single, newly formed division. Culture and technology integration of aspects of the ICT administration and service support within Group structure into single operational Division.

Project Brief

CCG was tasked with designed the change implementation strategy for the project, to run user focus groups to identify scope and size of project, to guage employee mood and to build programme support. Programme to be implemented as a consolidated process together with Divisional leadership.

Strategic Approach

Project required application of System7™ for the delivery of a coherent Programme Brief, scoping of complex delivery products and stakeholder engagement across various company divisions. Ran focus groups of 6-8 employees at a time to develop a tight and deeply accurate view of current organisational state (As Is). CCG Consult utilised our proprietary Leading Change workshop for second phase of engaging with staff, explaining the need for the proposed changes in the business and the impact on themselves. CCG Learn provided skills capability training with respect to change management for the organisation leadership and human resources function.

Business Impact

Resulted in major enterprise wide restructuring and unlocked significant shareholder value, as well as provided the platform for a far more efficient ICT delivery mechanism within the business, through consolidation of company ICT assets and unlocking of economies of scale in this regard.  Also resulted in significant rightsizing of FTE commitments.