We are proud to have strategic relationships with outstanding South African and international consulting firms. We work in partnership with these colleagues when CCG requires a specialist level of consulting expertise or a global perspective.


TCG is a UK-based consulting firm that offers niche services in procurement management and development, supplier value delivery and modernising supply chain processes.

TCG consultants have all held leadership roles and demonstrated delivery success in multiple corporate organisationsand worked with all the major consultancy firms in structuring and delivery of transformational programmes.

Summary of the TCG services we offer

Transformation opportunity analysis and delivery with a strong focus on procurement

Process improvement and re-engineering using relevant technology or outsourcing

Commercial and contractual negotiation and training

Managing the M&A risk with 3rd parties

Senior relationship building to ensure our client becomes your key suppliers client of choice

Optimising the vendor category management in a structured and prioritised way

Global and Tactical Sourcing capability,

Conflict resolution with 3rd parties

Results based rewards

CCG Africa

CCG Africa is a trusted Level 2 B-BBEE, South African and black female owned management consulting firm, with a specialist focus on strategic Organisational Development and Human Resources value chain services.

CCG Africa specialises in the delivery of tailor-made, strategically aligned and sustainable Organisational Development solutions for the public and private sectors. Their experience includes Strategic HR Consulting, Organisational Reviews, HR Operating Model Review and Re-Design, Organisational Design, Culture Change, Employee Capability Development, Leadership Development and Skills Development Services.

CCG Africa is a CCG partner company.  Please be in touch via the CCG contact page here (we share an office).

The BPI Group

Founded in 1984, BPI Group is a France-based management and human resources consulting firm. The company specializes in supporting the HR transformation projects of businesses and organizations, with a focus on corporate restructuring, organizational effectiveness, and leadership and talent development.

Frost & Sullivan

Frost & Sullivan is a US-based Management Consulting company with 1,800 employees working out of forty offices on six continents, and a fifty-year track record. They are world leaders in the development of management research and insight, and we work closely on turnaround, major change management and strategy implementation projects.

Roth Communications

In strategic partnership with Roth Communications, CCG is proud to offer Narrative Intelligence as a service line to our clients. This approach to sourcing, invoking and scribing an organisation’s stories, values and self understanding is invaluable in the context of organisational change, and we highly recommend their services and expertise.


Ecosis is a Mauritius-based sustainability consultancy firm that CCG partners with on ESG (Environment, Sustainability and Governance) and private and public sector built environment projects.  Their team includes LEED accredited professionals and a BREEAM international assessor, qualified professional chemical and environmental engineers, a specialist in water and wastewater engineering, project managers, quantity surveyors, an architect, an artist, a landscape designer and an economist.