Telling The Truth

CCG’s core value is unwavering honesty, even in challenging situations. This has earned us the trust of our clients, fostering long-term relationships built on integrity and discretion. We believe in the ethical obligation of truth-telling, which forms the foundation of our value-adding consulting engagements. We also understand the importance of working diplomatically and maturely within your organization. Count on CCG as your dependable ally, especially in difficult times.

With an extensive team at our disposal, both internally and through strategic partnerships like The Coaching Company, we possess a wealth of expertise in areas such as executive coaching, wellness, and leadership programme design. This allows us to leverage specialized knowledge whenever necessary to meet your specific needs and deliver comprehensive solutions.


Collaborative Partnerships

At CCG, we have a strong commitment to collaboration with our clients. We make it clear from the start that collaboration is our intention in every engagement. While we understand that not all organizations prefer this approach and may seek consultants to simply fix problems and leave, we are capable of fulfilling that role if required. However, our preferred stance is to share our expertise and transfer knowledge.

Our methodology, System7™, is designed specifically to foster collaboration between our delivery teams and the client organization. In the early stages of any change engagement, we work closely with the client to identify suitable individuals within their organization who can actively participate in the change process and support the overall engagement.

Sustainable Solutions

Our consulting firm’s success lies in our ability to collaborate with and support clients in finding sustainable solutions to complex challenges within the realm of change and strategy implementation. Our value proposition is straightforward: We aim to share our expertise in change implementation, utilizing our cutting-edge methodology (System7™), to help you achieve your organization’s strategic goals.

In return, we have found that our clients continue to rely on us when faced with difficult change challenges. This has allowed us to cultivate long-term professional relationships with executives from companies across South Africa. We take pride in being regarded as thought leaders and trusted advisors in the change consulting profession.


Integrative Thinking

At CCG, we recognize that the world operates as a complex network of overlapping and interconnected systems. These systems interact, support, and influence each other in various ways. By adopting a systems perspective, we aim to grasp the broader dynamics within organizational contexts and develop sustainable solutions that guarantee your success as our client.

When working with us, expect deep engagement as we delve into the most challenging aspects of your organization. We meticulously analyze and understand the intricacies involved, allowing us to formulate coherent and tailored responses that effectively address your specific change requirements.