Telling The Truth

One of CCG’s key values is that we are willing to tell the truth, even (and especially) when this might be difficult to do.  As a result, we are sought after as trusted advisors by our clients, and build long-term relationships built on trust, integrity and discretion.  We are committed to the value of truth-telling because we believe that this is the ethical thing to do and because this sits at the heart of value-adding consulting engagements.  Simultaneously, we will work appropriately, diplomatically and maturely within your organisation.  CCG can be relied upon as a safe set of hands when the chips are down.

Collaborative Partnerships

CCG is deeply committed to working in a collaborative way with our clients.  We do this by stating this as our intention from the outside of any engagement.  This does not work for all organisations; some want consultants to come in as experts,  “fix” the problem and leave.  We can do this for an organisation if required.  Our preferred position is to share our expertise and transfer knowledge.

System7™ as a methodology is specifically built around building collaborative delivery teams with the client organisation, and an important part of our work early on in any change engagement is working with a client to identify appropriate individuals from within their organisation who can be part of the change process and support the engagement.

Sustainable Solutions

Our success as a consulting firm is built on the ability to work with and support our clients in finding sustainable solutions to often complex challenges in the context of change and strategy implementation.  Our value proposition is simple: We wish to share our knowledge of best practices in the field of change implementation, using what we know to be a leading edge implementation methodology (System7™) so that you might achieve the strategic goals you have set for yourselves as an organisation.  In return, our experience has been that you will call us when next you have a difficult change challenge; in this way we build long-term professional relationships with companies executives throughout South Africa and are regarded as thought leaders and trusted advisors in the change consulting profession.

Integrative Thinking

CCG understands the world as a overlapping and interlocking set of complex systems, that interplay, support and retract from one another in a myriad of ways.  By thinking about these dynamics from a systems perspective, we attempt to understand and map both the larger picture at play within the context of organisations, but also to build sustainable solutions that will ensure success for you as the client.  You can expect us to engage deeply with you on seeking to uncover the most difficult aspects of your organisation, and then carefully formulating responses that are coherent and appropriately meets your change requirements.