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What you can expect when working with CCG:

  1. Focused Expertise: We work in a very narrow band within the management consulting industry, and dedicate our entire professional existence on getting change and strategy implementation right.
  2. Bespoke Solutions: Our interventions are tailor-made for each client context and partner-lead in a practical and hands-on manner.
  3. Relationship Driven: We are deeply client-centric in our approach, and favour a facilitative and collaborative approach to consulting, while using System7™ as an effective scaffolding to manage and structure a programme.
  4. Clear Thinking: We bring insight, information and deep experience, and are able to articulate an understanding of your circumstance in order to bring greater awareness, consciousness and control.
  5. Detail Driven: Our structured approach using proven methodologies for executing successful change and strategy implementation programmes acknowledges the importance of honouring the detail, and even the detail within the detail.

CCG is committed to constantly defining and redefining the management consulting industry in South Africa, with a specific focus on change and strategy implementation.  We do this through a process of rigorous life-long learning, a deep commitment to personal and professional practice, and through the application and ongoing redevelopment of our world-class change implementation methodology System7™.

Our approach is consciously integrated and systemic in nature, working hard to build sustainable change solutions that mirror and reinforce a client’s commercial strategy.  This systemic and process-oriented approach to working with organisations allows us to engage with what might currently exist in the client organisation, as well as that which might be less conscious, with what might be emergent or dreamt about or required for the future commercial success of the organisation.

Because we are most often called to work on complex and high stakes strategic challenges, if you choose to meet with us you can expect the following in terms of the process we follow of initially engaging with clients and then starting to work together:

  • Probing questions and a deep interest in understanding your strategic requirements and areas of concern
  • Our truthful assessment of what we see and whether we feel we can add value
  • A clear verbal proposal in terms of what we feel is realistic to achieve in the short, medium and long term

What we commit to is working in a highly collaborative manner with your internal team to build out a solution that meets your specific change and strategic requirements using an integrated, scalable and imminently flexible methodology.  System7™ will provide a blueprint that can be readily customised and applied to strategic change initiatives throughout your organisation, and allows us to accurately assess the need for change, clearly scope a change strategy, plan its execution and ultimately deliver an integrated and seamless solution that integrates people, process, governance and programme management support streams.

Research and experience has shown that inadequate programme management is a consistent reason for change failure. As a result, System7™ follows a rigorous programme management framework for the assignments we are involved with. This process ensures structure, accountability, and transparency for all parties.

This work focuses on deep and ongoing stakeholder mapping, identification and engagement; and designing, building and running appropriate communication and engagement solutions for a client. We collaborate closely with you to ensure that we identify the appropriate solution and required outcomes for your context. Once a solution is tested and meets project and user delivery criteria, we ensure the rollout takes place in a structured and sustained manner for maximum impact and return on investment.

This is the diplomacy part of our work.  Invariably, enterprise level implementation programmes require careful stakeholder analysis and management, particularly where internal organisational dynamics require awareness and attention.  We pride ourselves on many years of experience in facilitating relationships between key stakeholders and influencers and doing this part of the job well.