CCG is a dynamic management consulting practice operating in South Africa and Australia. Our fully integrated and cross-functional consulting practice enables us to provide specialized and tailored change management services to our clients.


To achieve this, we have organized ourselves into four distinct practice areas, as described below.  We also work in a strong partnership with one of Africa’s top organizational development consultancies, The Coaching Company.

We support companies and NGOs in navigating their strategic challenges, addressing key areas such as:


  • Board advisory
  • Group and divisional leadership advisory and strategic facilitation
  • Enterprise transformation, from operational redesign through to standing up streams of work to deliver strategic intent and support functions
  • Corporate strategy development
  • Strategy implementation
  • Organizational reviews
  • Operating model redesign
  • Business Turnarounds
  • Organizational restructuring and redesign
  • Change consulting
  • Change implementation of strategic and special projects
  • Enterprise portfolio and program management
  • Post-merger integration
  • Design, set-up and implementation of enterprise and divisional level assessment centers, with a focus on projects or programs related to leadership assessment, culture change, mergers and acquisitions, climate surveys, employee engagement surveys and employees values surveys (we are proudly accredited by the Barrett Values Centre as Level 2 Corporate Transformation Tools Consultants)
  • Internal change capability building by way of our Change Learning Academy, Master Classes, speaking at client internal conferences and keynote addresses at public conferences
  • ICT Systems Implementation