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CCG Advisory

CCG Advisory is focused on providing bespoke and discrete advisory services to our corporate clients, at a C-Suite and Board level.

This Practice Area is lead by our most experienced consultants, who bring together decades of commercial, strategy, legal and organisational experience in order to provide our clients with outstanding value at times of shift, change, uncertainty or risk.

These change moments might either be evolutionary (improvement on current practice) or disruptive in nature (transformation to a new strategy, paradigm, offering or organisational system):

  1. Board Advisory: With specific reference to strategy development on negotiations, engaging successfully with corporate executives and teams, commercial strategy development, advice on current economic and political conditions, and professional profiling of potential C-Suite hires
  2. Senior Leadership Team Advisory: With specific reference to commercial strategy development, strategy implementation, design and implementation of strategic change programmes, strategy formulation in respect of sensitive engagements with government, labour and external stakeholders, and in respect of sensitive negotiations in the context of organisational restructures, turnarounds and culture change
  3. Socio-economic and Political Advisory
  4. Culture change and leadership development
  5. M&A pre-acquisition culture and risk assessment and post-merger integration advisory (with specific reference to culture integration of one or both deal parties)
  6. Transaction advisory: support on thinking through transaction risk, negotiation strategy, transaction partner assessment, discussion regarding impact on organisational shape, size, culture and potential disruption.

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