CCG Learn is proud to announce the addition of three new presentations to our learning portfolio.  These have been offered as bespoke solutions for CCG clients previously (either as keynote presentations or internal learning experiences) and we have reworked the content into three standalone presentations that are designed for presentation to both small groups (12-20 delegates) and large audiences (60-300 delegates).

All presentations are beautifully designed with full colour photos ensuring that all slides are picture dominant for maximised delegate engagement and content absorption.

1. Doing Change and Strategy Better: Theory and practice on the history of change and strategy implementation, iconic and more recent examples of where strategic projects have failed (often dismally!) either in their entirety or to achieve the intended ROI for a project.  The focus of this presentation is on organisational tools and skills that managers and leaders can use on the line or as change agents to more effectively support the implementation of strategic change initiatives.  A 45 minute presentation followed by 45-90 minutes of questions, delegate insights and facilitated discussion.  Best delivered in large group format (60-300 delegates)

2. Living Through Change/Thriving Through Change: Theory and practice of change management, how this area of professional practice developed in political science, psychology and information science, and areas of strength and weakness with practice today.  The focus of this presentation is on the individual experiencing change within organisations and providing delegates with insights, models and tools for better understanding change as a psychological and cognitive process, how to more effectively respond to and even thrive in a changing environment, and how to support self and others during a change moment and period of transition.  A 45 minute presentation followed by 45-90 minutes of questions, delegate insights and facilitated discussion.  Can be delivered in small group format (12-20 delegates), right up to very large format (60-300 delegates).

3. The Politics of Change: An overview of the least understood area of theory with respect to change: Political Science.  We explore the influence of Political Science on change, from the Greeks through the Middle Ages and up to the present age, with fascinating and rich examples.  This presentation is principally designed for internal HR and OD consultants as well as senior managers and leaders who need to understand how the politics of an organisation (both conscious and unconscious, spoken and unspoken) and corporate culture, often dictate the success or otherwise of a strategic change initiative.  We explore theory and practice and then critically relate this to processes and dynamics currently underway in your organisation.  A 45 minute presentation followed by 1½ to 3 hours  of questions, delegate insights and facilitated discussion.  Best delivered in smaller group format (12-40 delegates)