Corporate wellness in the context of change

Successful organizations in today’s business environment understand that supporting the emotional and mental wellness of employees makes good business sense. This is particularly important in the context of a large-scale organisational transformation or change programme. This process promotes successful change implementation, optimal work performance, retains talent and cultivates a harmonious work environment. To support your employees and […]

Culture, mergers and acquisitions

Academic research illustrates that half of all merger and acquisition (M&A) activities have failed to create lasting shareholder value. Studies on post-merger stock performance reveal that since 1990, in the two years after their deals closed, nearly 50 percent of the largest M&A transactions failed to produce total shareholder returns greater than their industry peers. Only 30[…]

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Coaching for Performance

CCG is very proud of the work done by our partner company, CCG Africa, and we are pleased to announce the launch of their latest and updated version of the Coaching for Performance workshop. This extraordinary product is now in its 12th year of delivery and continues to add value to the daily work of over 1,000 graduates. Please find following a short description[…]

The Change consulting Group on change strategy

Questions about change implementation

Dear friends and colleagues We are often asked ad hoc questions about change and strategy implementation, and we either cannot answer these in full, or our answers are not documented for the benefit of others. So we have decided to start a new programme on our blog called Your Questions. We would like to invite you to ask[…]

The Complexity of Contracting

Have you ever entered into consulting work without a contract? CCG stresses the importance of the contracting phase in any consulting engagement. This is important for three reasons: It helps to establish a relationship between the two parties; The experience provides both parties with the opportunity to discuss expectations and outcomes sought from the consulting engagement; If done in[…]

Industrial Relations Conference Cape Town

We are proud to announce that Stephen Rothgiesser, Practice Lead: CCG Advisory is speaking on Stakeholder Management and Partnership Facilitation in the Context of a Complex South African Labour Environment at the Knowledge Resources Industrial Relations Conference in Cape Town on 12 November 2014. INFORMATION Two-day conference • 12-13 November 2014 Pre-conference Workshop • 11 November 2014 UCT Graduate[…]

New CCG Learn Presentations!

CCG Learn is proud to announce the addition of three new presentations to our learning portfolio.  These have been offered as bespoke solutions for CCG clients previously (either as keynote presentations or internal learning experiences) and we have reworked the content into three standalone presentations that are designed for presentation to both small groups (12-20 delegates) and[…]

Doing Strategy Well in the Context of Change

Recently CCG gave a keynote presentation to a group of senior executives who are struggling with the appropriate response to strategy implementation in their organisation.  We were struck by the importance of three key change concepts that delegates repeatedly asked questions about during Q&A. We are convinced that these elements are key to the success of large-scale[…]

Change Management

A Theory of Change and Strategy Implementation

In last week’s newsfeed, we proposed that a more sophisticated understanding of the strategy process was to separate strategy formulation from strategy implementation.  In order to provide some initial thoughts and theory in this regard, we would like to share the following with you.   The following is an excerpt from a presentation recently developed by Stephen Rothgiesser, the[…]

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The Change Review: McKinsey Interview and strategy implementation

A key purpose of this newsfeed is to stimulate discussion and debate around some of the challenges associated with change and strategy implementation.  Part of this process is about sharing our experiences and areas of concern with our listeners, and part of this is about commenting on the work currently being done by our colleagues.  Some of[…]