Building internal change capability within organisations is HARD!

In last week’s blog, we promised to dive into more detail on why building internal change competence is so difficult, and, more to the point, why internal change agents often have such a challenging task. Building internal change capability is hard because: Good experiential training is hard to find: In our opinion, there are currently insufficient tertiary […]

Change is Everywhere!!!

We have noticed a significant increase in the interest in strategic change initiatives and the desire of clients to more deeply understand how they might do change better within their organisations and upskill line and support management with change awareness and capability. There are a number of reasons for this increased awareness: We have become more aware[…]

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Successful Strategy Implementation

For over a decade, CCG has been driven to understand why up to 70% of change initiatives either fail entirely, or fail to deliver on their intended ROI (John Kotter, 1995; McKinsey & Company, 2006).  We believe that there are three factors (Leadership, Programme Structure, and Commitment to Clear Outcomes) that are critical to ensuring a successful outcome[…]

Show me the Money!

We noticed a growing trend by clients in the past four or five years to push back hard on consulting fees.   We understand that most corporate clients are still fighting their way out of the financial crisis.  The fact remains that negotiating a fair contract is critical to the success of a project, and it is in the client’s[…]

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Welcome to our new Website!

We are incredibly excited to launch our new website! There are a number of reasons for this: 1. We have grown exponentially over the past 5 years and needed a more comprehensive portal to describe our offering and experience. 2. We wanted to build a seamless environment within which we could engage with our clients, colleagues and[...]
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Relationships that Work

Andy Phillips raised a very important point in a comment to our previous blog entry “Change Doesn’t Work!!!”.  We really value Andy taking the time to respond and the valuable professional point that he raised, and promised to respond in our next blog post. CCG is very clear that success in our consulting engagements requires deep and trusting[…]

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Change Doesn’t Work!!!

As we have blogged before, CCG is fascinated with why such a high percentage of change interventions fail.  We believe there are two main reasons for this: 1. Clients don’t understand the complexity of introducing new strategy into their businesses, particularly large organisations, or are unwilling the make the difficult choices always required in order to embed sustainable[…]

Cape Town & Australia Based Change Consultation Business

Of Titles and Protocols

  A skilled consultant can learn a great deal from the first interaction with a (potential) client.  Sometimes subtle (and not so subtle!) signals* from a client can be very useful in building an understanding of the client system** and help to inform whether or not we feel we can add consulting value. A “client” in this[…]

“Change Management” a Misnomer!

At CCG we believe that the term “change management” is a misnomer.  As change and strategy consultants our assignment is to advise a client in identifying and engaging with complexity in their organization. Change invariably arises as the result of seeking to implement a new strategy in a system (that can be defined as a team, division[…]

Passion for complex organisational change

For many years we have been fascinated with the fact that 70% of change initiatives either fail in total or fail to deliver the ROI expected (however that might be calibrated).  CCG is the culmination of 23 years of work in the change space and this blog is our attempt to share some of our experience, frustrations,[…]