change management

Lockdown has done its job. It’s time to get back to Work.

Change professionals are trained to look at a social or organisational phenomenon from multiple lenses and at multiple levels, careful always to look for areas of unforeseen risk and outcomes.  The key reason for this piece is that I am concerned that we are looking at the COVID-19 crisis primarily through a medical lens.  We are not paying enough […]

Change and growth in the time of COVID

COVID as Opportunity: From Crisis to Growth

The Change Consulting Group has developed a practical three-stage crisis management model to help organisations take stock of the impact of the COVID pandemic, as well as find opportunities in this crisis. There is now no doubt that there are severe economic consequences to the lock-down approach taken by many countries (while outliers like Sweden remain of[…]

Show me the Money!

We noticed a growing trend by clients in the past four or five years to push back hard on consulting fees.   We understand that most corporate clients are still fighting their way out of the financial crisis.  The fact remains that negotiating a fair contract is critical to the success of a project, and it is in the client’s[…]