Practical steps for employers during this difficult time

We are potentially at a critical inflection point in human history. After major events like the World Wars and 9/11, major social change ensued. Some of this we would ascribe as good, like women entering the work force and a general drive to a more equitable society. Some activities could be argued to be less desirous like […]

The Change Consulting Group response to COVID-19

To our valued Clients, Employees, Vendors and Colleagues The Change Consulting Group (CCG) lives by a core value of delivering excellent and tailored management consulting solutions to meet the strategic and organisational needs of our clients. In line with our curiosity to more deeply understand the world around us, CCG has been monitoring the developments of the[…]

The Mindful Body

Corporate wellness in the context of change

Successful organizations in today’s business environment understand that supporting the emotional and mental wellness of employees makes good business sense. This is particularly important in the context of a large-scale organisational transformation or change programme. This process promotes successful change implementation, optimal work performance, retains talent and cultivates a harmonious work environment. To support your employees and[…]